Coloured Contacts Review

Read about the behind the scenes stories from our CML performance.

1/13/20222 min read

So for this review, we used the White blind Zombie, the Orange crazy Frog, and the Gray mist Dragon. The packaging is practical, keeping the lenses apart from each other safe and clean, still, it’s very easy to open, which is not often the case with lenses. Lenses are very soft which can give you a hard time putting them but as soon as you do you won’t feel them making them very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. You can find on the website a tutorial on how to insert lenses. Anyway, my advice is to do your makeup after you put on the lenses so you won’t ruin it while inserting the lenses.

Colored Contacts online shop offers a wide range of styles and colors prescripted or not. They ship worldwide, and you won’t wait for your package for too long. Make sure to keep your lenses clean and in proper packaging to make them last longer and be safe for your eyes.

The White blind Zombie ones really do give the blind effect making it really tempting to scare everyone while they are not really white but a mesh color that gives a real blind eye effect unlike other crazy lenses, these contacts will even cover your iris. Although the effects achieved are unparalleled, you might need mobility assistance because they end up making your vision a bit unclear.

The Orange crazy frog lenses are super vibrant due to the use of opaque pigments. They are bright orange where the pupil hole is shaped vertically to mimic the reptilian eyes. The slit-like pupil adds an eerie touch and makes these lenses perfect for unworldly transformations and unlike the 1st one these do give you a clear vision.

The gray mist dragon is also super vibrant, especially since the contrast of the white black and the gray make them ” pop ” and the vertical-shaped pupil makes them perfect for amazing transformations.

In all cases the colors of the contact lenses are completely opaque, which negates any eye color underneath: therefore, they can be worn with any eye color.