Sinister is a brand that everyone in the world of Gothic fashion knows and loves! You can find it on several websites and online shops all over the world. Their dresses are a dream come true to every goth with a romantic look and they have a design to fit any style! You can easily go from Bridal to Halloween. Their unique designs range from short  to long dresses, veils, cuffs , bags and even... Read More
Lycilia is an amazing talented and passionate photographer from Germany, she is a published artist makes many great collaborations that result in famous pictures that everyone knows. So we thank her for taking some time to let us know her and her work better . 1. How would you describe yourself?I always find it hard to describe myself, so after pondering what to say for a few hours, I decided to just ask a good friend... Read More
In the heart of a beautiful country, Poland, besides all those various and very amazing models, there’s one unique, gifted girl with the rainbow in her hair, fierce tattoo on her back, filled with charisma, elegance, and beautiful Gothic style. We all know her as Katarzyna Daedra, one of the most amazingly beautiful alternative models of Gothic Culture. 01- How would you describe yourself?  How would I describe myself? I think I’m very sensitive, introverted, modest... Read More
Pining to watch something that oozes sensual morbidity, gothic horror, tightly-laced corsets, melancholy characters, and the backdrop of a gray and gritty England? The films and television series featured here have at least one or a combination of these components. Although by no means an exhaustive compilation of cinema with a 19th-century dark edge, these are a few of the best contemporary works the Victorian Goth will fancy. Corpse Bride 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.... Read More

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