Cover credits: Model: Mellifère, Photographer: Z. Vision
Videnoir Couture is a handmade, hand-print lingerie and corsetry brand where you can find unique, one-of-a-kind theatrical items to adorn your outfits. Alis, the owner of Videnoir Couture, quit her job as a costume maker for the theatre and created her own brand at the beginning of 2014. Hi Alis, thank you for taking some time off your schedule for this interview. Let me begin by asking you how you first got in corsetry and... Read More
Cover credits: Model & Styling: Kseniya Arhangelova, Dress: Belinda Barry
Annie Bertram is an amazing gothic photographer with an unique kind of vision, she is working for more the then 15 years and has numerous publications , exhibitions and books as well. Her work is inspired by fairy-tails our movies but etch photo-shoot tells a different story. She is from Zurich, Switzerland but you can see her work all over the world . 1. How would you describe yourself?I would describe myself more as an... Read More


Cover credits: Photo: Ewelina Świtalska Photography
How would you describe yourself?I’m just a regular person, who loves gothic and lolita fashion. You are a great model, and an amazing artist creating dream costumes. Which came first modeling or design?When I was 14, I had a big problem with finding clothes for my size. I’m 162cm height and XS size, so everything at store was too big for me. One day my friend told me that he has a sewing machine and... Read More
Cover credits: Photo: Yumikasa Photography, Headpiece:
Absentia – founder of the Veil workshop, designer and model living in Poland. Long-term collector and enthusiast of corsets. Her designs of hair accessories and clothes are characterized by subtlety and elegance, often drawing from gothic estetic. Her second love is music. She is currently cooperating with project Narrenturm as a vocalist. Her favorite music genre are coldwave, darkwave and death rock. Absentia is passionate about photography, which she is trying to master not only... Read More

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